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Northcliffe Community Calendar

Each month Northcliffe CRC compiles all the information we can about upcoming activities in Northcliffe, which is published here, as well as printed and distributed in Northcliffe's monthly paper, The Northcliffe Karri Pigeon.

A Little CRC

Each month we create a page with computer and online security tips and news from the Northcliffe Community Resource Centre. This is provided online as well as printed and distributed in Northcliffe's monthly paper, The Northcliffe Karri Pigeon. Access the Latest Edition or browse the list of previous editions, below.

  • Current Edition
  • May 2019. The End for Windows 7? Our trainee qualifies. Northcliffe naturally branded bags for sale. Quality wide-format photo printing services. Movie night ~arrrgh!~ delayed.
  • April 2019. Speech Recognition, Translation and Language Learning. Android - Don't Install that AV!
  • March 2019. Phone scams. Passwords. Telstra Peace of Mind Data.
  • February 2019.Webmail is the Way to Go. Laminating Prices. Gmail False Alarm.
  • January 2019. A quick recap of some of the acheivments of the NCRC in 2018.
  • December 2018. It's a (Isle of Dogs) Life - film screening report. Northcliffe naturally new logo. Christmas closing, constitution approved, Northcliffe fridge calendar.
  • November 2018. 2018 Youth Sponsorship recipients announcement. AGM Report.
  • October 2018. Isle of Dogs film screening. Calendar advertising opportunity. Photo comp entries closing. AGM details.
  • September 2018. Northcliffe's new JP. Film Club news - Isle of Dogs. CRC Funding Flows...
  • August 2018. Northcliffe... naturally Town Branding Project.
  • July 2018. Northcliffe's New Spaces - The Meeting Room and The Office Space. Hire rates and principles for use of the former library spaces.
  • June 2018. A Little CRC Culture: follow up on our May events, A Long Way North & Summer of the Seventeenth Doll. A sneak preview of our upcoming screening of Seder-Masochism.
  • May 2018. May Events: A Long Way North & Summer of the Seventeenth Doll. Constitutional Changes. Position Vacant: Trainee. The Pick Punch.
  • April 2018. Discussion of the tough funding situation facing Northcliffe CRC with the Government's planned 40% funding cut.
  • March 2018. Is it time to Upgrade your RAM? Telstra Mobile Deactivations. Random security tips.
  • February 2018. Free and discounted one-on-one computer and mobile device support at NCRC.
  • January 2018. Accessing TV shows over the internet.
  • December 2017. Microsoft's Gift to Photographers (free panorama stitching software).
  • November 2017. A report from our 2016-17 AGM.
  • October 2017. In place of our usual CRC article we have a press release from Nationals MP Terry Redman about the funding future of CRCs around the state.
  • September 2017. Good news for NBN Satellite users. People's Choice Award Results, the INSIDE exhibition and competition plus first prize winner. Lego Batman event booked out!
  • August 2017. Event posters for our Lego Batman, Switzerland Simulcast, and our Inside Exhibition and prize ceremony.
  • July 2017. "Inside" photo comp deadline extended. CRC funding uncertainty. A-copper-lypsed, the sequel - a follow up on the Productivity Commission TUSO enquiry. Youth Sponsorship Announcement.
  • June 2017. Thrice thank you for three grants the NCRC has recently received. 'Inside': Northcliffe's 2017 photo competition.
  • May 2017. Bad news about the Tomato Potato Psyllid outbreak. What's Happening at the NCRC?
  • April 2017. The Pest Menace of the Tomato-Potato Psyllid.
  • March 2017. Website launch - Better Late than Never. Some titbits about plans for
  • February 2017. Northcliffe A-Copper-Lypse. The NCRC's argument for Northcliffe to keep its phone lines.
  • January 2017.NBN Sky Muster Satellite, Better Internet for Northcliffe? Opera in the Park advert.
  • December 2016. The Northcliffe CRC Volunteer Awards 2016. Kubo poster.
  • November 2016. Two posters for NCRC events in November and December 2016.
  • October 2016. Some password tips...
  • September 2016. Includes a Summary of the Northcliffe 2016 Survey Results, available in full here.
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  • May 2014. Top ten weather paradise. Online VAST TV guide. Heartbleed computer vulnerability. Northcliffe on the internet.
  • April 2014. New NBN Satellite countdown. Northcliffe Weather report postscript to a postscript. Windows XP retirement.
  • March 2014
  • February 2014. Tosca, Tender, Website Updates, Weather Station Postscript.
  • January 2014Northcliffe's Gamer of the Year. Northcliffe Youth Sponsorship, RC Wings.
  • October 2013. Rainy Daze - climate and weather data in Northclife.
  • August 2012. Five Reasons to Stop Being a Luddite.

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