Northcliffe Community Resource Centre

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Helping make Northcliffe a home for new business, community and social enterprises.

About Us

We are a community owned business located in the heart of Northcliffe and part of the WA Community Resource Network. Community Resource Centres (CRCs) are friendly, locally owned and operated service and information centres.

At Northcliffe CRC we are known, in our own community, for the quality of our computer and printing services, and our desire to help our customers.

We provide a Human Services access point (for Medicare and Centrelink) and free computer use for those accessing online Government services.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10am-5pm
Thursday, Friday 10am-6pm
24 -7 - 365

CRCs receive critical funding assistance through the Government of Western Australia's Royalties for Regions program administered through the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

Our current Constitution can be accessed here.

Staff and Vollies

Committee - Volunteers

  • Chairman - Paul Owens
  • Vice-Chair - Kevan M
  • Treasurer - Ken Lloyd
  • Secretary - Abe Shields
  • Committee Member - Polly Valentine
  • Committee Member - Jeni Smith
  • Committee Member - Patti Ferber
  • Committee Member - Tom Pike


Catrin - Trainee

Friendly and read to assist with your computer needs. Speaks German! Interested in photography.

Works: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays.

senior trainee

Gaye - Customer Service Officer

Full of energy and gets the job done. Our Business Development legend who operates her own herbal products business.

Works: Fridays.

customer service worker

Damon - Customer Service Officer

Friendly and capable of solving most of your computer problems.

Works: Wednesdays, Thursdays.


Graham - Manager

Nocturnal. Hides during the day. Gets sunburnt easily.

Works: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

A Little CRC

Each month we create a page with computer and online security tips and news from the Northcliffe Community Resource Centre. This is provided online as well as printed and distributed in Northcliffe's monthly paper, The Northcliffe Karri Pigeon. Access the Latest Edition or browse a list of previous editions available for download.

Northcliffe Community Calendar

Each month Northcliffe Community Resource Centre compiles all the information we can about upcoming activities in Northcliffe. This is provided online as well as printed and distributed in Northcliffe's monthly paper, The Northcliffe Karri Pigeon. Access the Latest Edition or browse a list of previous editions available for download.

Our News

Website survey 2017. Share your views about this website! Unfortunately this version of the survey is designed to be printed and filled in by hand, rather than online. You can email your completed, scanned survey back to us at, or drop it in to the NCRC in person. An easy way of scanning your survey is to use your mobile phone to take a photo of your completed survey pages. We hope to produce an online version of this survey at some point.

Our Services

Access a list of our everyday services and prices.

Access an extended list of the services provided at the Northcliffe CRC.

We actively maintain up-to-date computers and software and do our best to ensure fast internet access for all users. Many members and guests make use of our affordable printing, Kodak booth, meeting facilities, phone, scanner, and more. We have everything you need to get your business done.

Computer support is available, including help to maintain your own home computer, and one-on-one training sessions. For those on a budget come along on Tuesday

As well as a Centrelink and Medicare Access Point, the CRC provide free access to our computers and printing for those accessing government websites (a fair use policy applies).

Wi-Fi internet access is available, barring technical hiccups, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, within and around the building via Wi-Fi, including in the large car park. Some of our customers like to buy tickets in advance and tap away in the comfort of their car. Wi-fi passes are available from the Northcliffe CRC (open 6 days per week) or the Northcliffe Visitor Centre (open 7 days per week). Buy your passes in advance for after-hours access.

AGM Reports

Tuesday evening, 30th October 2018, Northcliffe CRCs 2017/18 AGM was held. We created a short report for the Karri Pigeon which you can read here. Reports referenced at the AGM include the auditors report, and the Chairman's, Treasurer's, Manager's and Funded Activity reports. You may also want to see the new rules the members voted to adopt, after much discussion, here (not yet official). The revised rules, which should allow us to comply with the Associations Incorporations Act 2015, are currently awaiting approval by the Department of Mines et al. Thanks to all who participated in a lively and productive AGM!

Activities and Training

To get the most up to date and comprehensive information about NCRC Activities and Training stay tuned with our Northcliffe Community Calendar (link) and our newspaper column, A Little CRC (link).

Access an extended list of training provided at the Northcliffe CRC.

Annual activities program:

  • Photo competition and exhibition at Painted Tree Gallery.
  • GIMP (free software) photography and image manipulation workshop.

Regular activities program:

  • Marketing Support Packages for businesses (Apply here).
  • Family History Group, 10am at NCRC every third Sunday of the month. (Phone Kerry on 9776 7345)
  • The wildly popular GLITCH kids computing (for ages 10 and up), at the NCRC after school each day, and in particular on Thursdays and Fridays when we open until 6pm and throughout school holidays. Staff do not have childcare qualifications and participating kids need to be able to look after themselves.
  • Film Club. Keep on eye on our Calendar page and local noticeboards for film events.
  • $5 Computer Clinic. Get up to an hour of one-on-one staff assistance with you computer or mobile device problem. No bookings - subject to staff availability.
  • Get email, get mygov, get started. Beginners one-on-one computer training. No bookings. Subject to staff availability
  • Business Development Support Packages. Get up to 4 hours of one-on-one support, plus some other benefits, with your Business activity. Available to 3 businesses, community groups or sole traders per quarter (12 packges available per year)

Social, Business and Economic Development Activities taking place at the Northcliffe CRC include activities in response to local opportunities, events and needs as well as our annual program and regular activities. We are open to partnering with local groups and individuals who wish to stage activities so talk to us if you have an idea.

Western Australian Community Resource Network

Over 100 Community Resource Centre across the state form the Western Australian Community Resource Network, which is supported by the Department of Regional Development and the Royalties for Regions initiative.

Each CRC is different, depending on local needs, and the input and talents of their local committees, staff and volunteers. Individual specialties of CRCs include wide format printing (a Northcliffe speciaility), 3d printing, child-care, visitor services, libraries and much more.

At Northcliffe we specialise in supporting the printing and reproduction needs of artists and photographers. We also scan and retouch old photographs, and design and print brochures and business cards.

The NCRC is supported by Northcliffe community volunteers who provide a management committee and wh​​​o volunteer in the day to day running of the centre alongside four paid staff including one trainee. Ongoing annual funding for the NCRC has been provided by the Government of Western Australia since 1994. Our funding is sourced from the Government's Royalties for Regions program administered by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development.

We also enjoy the support of over 100 financial members (including Businesses, Families, Community Groups and Individuals). In a town as small as Northcliffe, we take as a vote of confidence. Guests are also welcome to use our services and often do so. In fact around 50% of our services are provided to non-members.

Our services and equipment continue to improve thanks to additional funding received through the WA State Government Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, the WA Government Royalties for Regions scheme, and WA's unique institution: Lotterywest. These funding programs have allowed us to mark our presence with new signage, to update our computers, and to purchase additional equipment such as digital art gear and to renovate and fit out our premises.

WA State Government funding has also supported us to conduct a trainee program at the centre. We're proud of our trainees at Northcliffe CRC (7 traineeships and counting). Each trainee brings a new set of skills and interests to the centre, and we leave them with new skills to take out into the community. We are hoping to offer our next trainee position in 2019.

A Community Resource Centre Support grant, from the WA Government State Government, (plus a majority of locally raised funds) enabled us to replace our 10 year old wide format printer in 2017 with the latest and greatest, Epson SureColor P10070 44 inch model. In May 2013 we received $17,012 in capital funding from the Lotterywest program for the purchase of specialist photo printing equipment, a document shredder for public use and a colour printer/copier. One of the main jobs of our colour printer is to print the popular monthly newspaper The Northcliffe Karri Pigeon, produced by local volunteer group, Northcliffe Community Development.

NCRC also benefit regularly from the support of Donortec, Microsoft, Cisco and Adobe who work together to provide us near-free access to many of their best products.​