Northcliffe A-Copper-Lypse?

A Productivity Commission draft report recommends an end to copper phone lines

The National Productivity Commission recently invited public submissions on their draft review of the Telecommunications Universal Service Obligation Policy (TUSO). This is the policy that subsidises the provision, by Telstra, of standard telephone services throughout rural Australia. The productivity commission has posed the question whether TUSO policy should change to consider Sky-Muster NBN Satellite services as a replacement for copper landline phone services. At the moment copper landlines are (mostly) only removed when the NBN provides the customer with a fibre, hybrid or fixed wireless replacement.

From our research, most Sky-Muster users, especially those who have no mobile coverage, are saying that they still need their ordinary phone lines. The phone is more reliable in general and in particular during emergencies and power failures.

The removal of copper voicelines in the bush would also mean that any ADSLx internet services enjoyed by residents in Northcliffe would be cut off. This would unduly restrict the download allowances of many users to a maximum of 60GB per month. The Sky Muster rules don't even allow you to purchase a second satellite service if you have a business on your premises. These limitations are inherent to the satellite infrastructure, which will almost certainly not be upgraded for many years. The Sky Muster satellites are brand new and they already severly limit the possibilities for rural users. At the NCRC we believe the continuation of ADSLx services, where they are available now, is essential.

The NCRC uses a 600GB per month ADSL2+ internet plan. Without this we would have to severly limit customer access to the internet. The NCRC has made a submission to the procuctivity enquiry outlining the problems we see with their proposal. Access theNorthcliffe Community Resource Centre's submission here. We are sincerely hoping that this bad idea is not included in the final report to the Government, and that any changes to the TUSO contribute to the protection of ADSLx services for the 3% of Australians who will only have access to the NBNs Sky-Muster satellite services. If the Productivity Commission don't support the bush then it will be up to us to convince Governments in Australia to ignore their recomendations and to protect our phone lines.

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