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Northcliffe Community Resource Centre 2017 Youth Sponsorship

Think BIG!!! Or try thinking small. From little things, big things grow...

Apply for up to $1,000. Over 18's need not apply. The Northcliffe Community Resource Centre Youth Sponsorship aims to provide financial support so that young people in Northcliffe can undertake projects and activities. Some ideas for applications:

  • Music, art or sport lessons. Academic tutoring.
  • Travel, accomodation and ticket costs to attend
  • workshops, festivals, concerts and competitions.
  • Purchasing gear to help pursue your idea or passion.
  • Purchasing gear to set up a club or group.
  • Crazy plans which just might work, with some financial help.

Whatever your idea is, we would love to hear it. Your application can be very simple and as short as two pages. Your parent/ guardian will need to support and sign your application. To apply, grab the guidelines from the school office or from the Northcliffe CRC. Your teacher might be willing to help you write your application. Otherwise ask for help at Northcliffe CRC. PREVIOUS APPLICANTS, whether they were sponsored or not, ARE WELCOME TO APPLY.

Applications are due before 20 June 2017.

Our pamphlet with sample 2 page application.

The poster.

The Guidelines.

What's On?

  • June20

    2017 Youth Sponsorship Application Deadline

    Applications due in at Northcliffe CRC prior to the 20 June. Apply for up to $1,000 from the Northcliffe CRC Youth Sponsorship 2017. Download our pamphlet with sample 2 page application and poster. Drop into the Northcliffe CRC for a copy of the guidelines or download them here.

  • June30

    Inside - The 2017 Northcliffe Photo Competition - Deadline

    Photos must be submitted by 30th June, COB. Email, Dropbox, or drop in your digital images files at the NCRC.more details here

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